Hi friends, welcome to my personal website. I have deliberately kept this site very brief to give you a simple, straight forward introduction to me, my work history and current activities and lifestyle. If there is anything else you would like to know, or you would simply like to connect, it’s as easy as emailing us. I can’t always reply to every email, for my life is very full with work and family, but I will do my best!

Wild Guy Promo - 1m

Cliff Guy Promo 1 - 2m 45s

Cliff Guy Promo 2 - 3m

Reef HQ Promo - 1m 38s

Starmax Tractors - 1m 14s

Crayfish voice over - 1m

Manfrotto 504HD
- 3m 17s

Sprit Cleaning - Acting clip - 3m 49s

Wild Guy - Healthy Snack - 52s

Lost in Africa - Acting clip - 1m 50s

Eco Tip - Snack - Whale Drawing - 50s

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